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Grace by Valori Wells

To me, Grace means the space to give self-love and self-care as I navigate a new life. This journey of Grace started in January 2022 with the word being part of my intentions for the year, going inward to take care of myself as a woman, artist, mom, leader, and friend. I needed to go to the next step of healing and self-discovery to find my new path. Part of this self-discovery was taking the risk to say 'yes' to #thehundreddayproject. This project took me on a discovery of what I have already done (I printed blocks I have already carved), tapping into what I know -color and discovering I am good at what I do. As the weeks continued and my confidence grew, ideas filled my head and I started carving new blocks. A series of blocks emerged and at the end, I kept carving and printing until Grace was born. This was the start of the collection and it grew to this rich, luscious, combination of colors and layers of designs. Grace was my journey to a new sense of self-worth and confidence, it continues to fuel my intentions and my life. We all need a little Grace in our lives!